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2 X 50mm Davis Standard/ Repiquet Co-extruders Common Drive And Temp Panel. 1995 008410
Colortronic CTT800 dryer and 1 X 3000 Ltr Drying Hopper with hopper loader and controls. Year 2000 008429
1220mm wide Kaufman/Mega sheet line. 115mm extruder, gear pump. 1120mm die. 1220mm Mega 3 roll stack haul off and ashe winder. 008480
450mm x 500mm CR Clarke Vac former model 1820 with vac pump and adjustable top clamp frame. Single heater. 008564
580mm wide Illig RDM 58/3 In line extrusion and lid forming. 90mm Welex extruder, 50mm coex, 890mm x 300mm calender, RDM 58/3 former, grinder 1989 008396
120mm Boston Matthews Extruder 30D with 90kw dc motor. Electrically heated water cooled barrel. 120rpm max screw speed 1994 008492
68mm Comac Twin screw extruder. Model EBC 68. vented. 83kw drive. Co- rotating. 9 zone control panel. Water cooled barrel. 1998 008493
Conair CD1600 Carousel dryer unit with main hopper circ 1,700 ltr hopper and 2 buffer dryers. 008527
1000mm Omv co-extrusion line. 100mm extruder, 750mm die, coextruder. 1000mm OMv 3 roll stack haul off and winder. 008521
In line Welex coextrusion PS line with Illig RDM 50K POT4 cup forming machine with mechanical plug, RS75B Skeletal grinder. Illig stacker. 125mm max draw 1996 008394
Motan LA 800/4 dehumidifier dryer. 800m/3 dry air flow rate. Dessicant pack with LB2400 1400mm diameter hopper. 17.5kw heating. Hopper loader. 2003. 008540
1400mm wide Welex Rossi PP twin wall line, Running 1-5mm ;120mm extruder, s/changer, die, calibrator, hauloff, oven, haul off, guillotine, grinder yr 2001 008549
250mm x 75mm Schwabentham 2 roll lab mill model Polymix 150U. Electrically heated. 008539
1000mmm x 1000mm shelley model PF1010 vacuum former 008545
830mm wide Kiefel KVH83 preheater. 25-130c temp range. 25KVA Path rollers, oven heater. 008546

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