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40mm Liestritz Compounding Line; 40mm Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder. 36:1ld. 1999- volumetric doser, vented barrel with vacuum pump. Bath and pelletiser 008669
1350mm wide Welex 3 roll polishing stack with silicone bath, ,haul off with pump group. 450x760x760mm diameter rolls. Chain driven 2007 008531
1422mm wide Cumberland model 56T low line soundproofed skeletal waste granulator with dancer arm. Side feed chute. 1400mm rotor 11kw motor. 1997 008740
18mm Betol pelletising line with 18mm 25D single screw Betol extruder 1825J with dc motor, strand head, water bath, Accrapak pelletiser. 008681
900mm Wide Tria Model 900/TR-NS/SL Granulator With Fan Take Off And Powered Nip Rolls. 20kw Ac Motor. 1998 008672
1910mm Cloeren Epoch* III AutoGauge* 5.5 Extrusion Die 008606
90mm Amut EA90, single screw extruder. 147kw dc motor, fan cooled barrel. BD Plast hydraulic screen changer. Plus die. 2002 008609
1350mm wide Welex sheet extrusion line with 115mm extruder, screen changer, g/pump, feedblock, 1350mm 3 roll polishing stack, haul off, Mondon winder. 008651
1350mm wide Mondon dual 2 station turret winder (4 station in total) Max roll diameter 1000mm. Tension control, with overhead frame 1999. 008649
1500mm wide EDI R75 flex lip sheet die with adjustable bottom lip 008686
63mm (2.5") Welex extruder with 30D vented water cooled barrel 2.5 30:1 RHV. . 190rpm max screw speed. 60hp dc motor Mentor drive. 8 zone panel. 1989 008689
130mm Friul Filiere Twin screw parallel extruder for PVC. 25D, vented screws. Max 25 rpm. Up to 700kg/hr rigid PVC. 103kw dc motor. Touch screen control 2005 008694
1320mm wide Myungil PS Extrusion coating machine. 90mm extruder, with max 1480mm wide roll. Up to 125kg/hr capacity. 008735
18000 lids/hr- formed and printed on the web with post punch ;Gabler thermoformer with in line Van Dam superwide 6 colour electric heads, punch 007388
890mm Wide Coextrusion Welex World Standard PET sheet Line. 90mm Extruder. 50mm Coextruder. Gear Pump 900mm Die. 890mm Stack winder. 1998 008741
120mm Battenfeld single screw pelletising line with screen changer, Maag melt pump BKG pelletiser, and centrifugal dryer. 500kg/hr of PE/PP (BKG 1998) 008745
1600mm wide Omipa 3 roll polishing stack, with pump group and haul off. 1991. With Individual roll drives. 350mm diameter rolls. Vertical configuration. Siemens 008719
150mm wide Myungil EPS reprocessing line model MI-RC 150. Vented extruder. Running up to 200kg/hr with strand die, water bath and pelletiser 2004. 008755
Futuremould FMLR-3300 3 scroll rim roller for PS, PP and PET 008723
540mm Wide Illig Rdkp54 Thermoforming machine. Heating, forming and punch station, skeletal waste wind up. 1986 008750

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