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Extruders (58) items
Single Screw/Coextruders (21) items
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55mm Fare single screw extruder 30D electrically heated fan cooled barrel 1992. 007720
90mm John Brown Egan single screw extruder. 100hp dc motor. Non vented. 32:1 Water cooled barrel. Beringer SL35 hydraulic screen changer. 1987 007248
90mm Welex single screw extruder with screen changer, melt pump and control panel. 150hp dc motor with drive. 1988 008653
90mm Dolci single screw extruder, 33D, with plugged vent. DC motor, approx 90kw. Electrically heated, fan cooled barrel. 20 zone temperature control panel 008573
100mm Union single screw extruder. 36D, plugged vent with electrically heated fan cooled barrel. 116kw dc motor, with 18 zone control panel. 1999 008637
90mm Amut EA90, single screw extruder. 147kw dc motor, fan cooled barrel. BD Plast hydraulic screen changer. Plus die. 2002 008609
60mm Boston single screw vented extruder 28:1 28.5kw dc motor. Fan cooled barrel. 008608
100mm OMV DL100 extruder, 35D vented DC motor panel and Screen Changer 008189
115mm Welex extruder 30D vented (plugged). 125rpm max screw speed. 187kw dc drive. Electrically heated water cooled barrel. Temp and drive panels. 008473
90mm Welex single screw extruder model 350. 30D vented water cooled barrel. 75kw dc motor. Welex 56/56 gear pump with static mixer. ABA feedblock 1996 008485
120mm Kaufman single screw extruder. 33D with 205kw DC motor, electrically heated fan cooled barrel, Extrex model 56 gear pump with AC motor. Panel 008474
50mm Kaufmann/STMP single screw extruder. 20hp dc motor. Fan cooled. Circa 25:1 008198
150mm Egan Extruder. Non Vented. 150mm Lantern screen changer. 007878
90mm Kaufmann STMP single screw extuder 33D vented, 88KW DC drive motor, screen changer with power pack was used on PP 007869

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