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19 July 2016

32 degrees in Swindon. Hottest day so far

These are TransXL’s suggestions for regulating the heat in your production areas! 

1.  By the introduction of some second hand machinery. The high specific heat capacity of several tons of replacement machinery into your factory will inevitably result in a reduction in ambient temperature. So if your employees are overheating, just give us a call, and we can supply you with a choice of high quality second hand machinery.
2.  Alternatively, if your employees are finding the conditions on the shop floor stifling, it could be you have too many machines, interrupting the naturel breeze and airflow in your factory. Your best solution is to give us and TransXL a call and we can negotiate to purchase any good machinery currently clogging up your site. By removing this equipment, you will find a healthier more ventilated working environment, and a some additional funds in your account for good measure…
Either way, a call to TransXL can help!