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23 October 2018

Another TransXL Marathon Runner

This week I joined Mr Smith in the “Marathon club”. Jon completed his back in April this year. 

My goals for this first marathon?
2) Finish it!
3) Try and Run the whole thing.
4) Run it in 4:30:00 or less.
5) Try not to soil myself
4 out of 5 is not bad. (glad it was just number 3 that let me down). I ran with a close friend of mine who convinced me it would be a great idea back in January (we are still friends, even though she put me through this hell). 
Unfortunately, even though so may people said to me pre race, just take the 1st half slow, I for some reason got caught up in the wave and headed off too quick.  For the final seven miles of the race I was doing everything I could to keep my mind off the fact that I was dying (OK, so I’m a bit of a drama queen). Trying not to walk but gave in at mile 19, Neck and legs were hurting and could not drink enough, making the use of every water station from 13 miles. 
I walked/ran from mile 19 which seemed like forever to the finish, when I finally got to Stadium I knew there was a final lap to do and the feel of relief began. I got this burst of energy in the last 100 meters and finished with a smile on my face. My family and friends were right there taking pictures and videos of my accomplishment and yelling at me. My official chip time was 4:14:07. Crossing the finish line was everything I dreamed it would be.
I was a complete wreck after the race. I felt terrible, my legs were completely done. I could barely walk. I crashed out not far from the finish line, kicked off my trainers so the numbness from my right foot could come back with the help of a massage from my Mum it did just that. The glass of prosecco also helped with the recovery of course!
I was incredibly proud of my accomplishment and still can’t believe I ran a marathon! Never again though, I’m happy for that to be a 1st and last experience. The shuffling down the stairs on Monday morning was not a pretty sight.