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07 January 2015

20 Years of Service for Jon Smith and Lisa

Happy New Year to all suppliers and customers. 2015 is upon us.
The 3rd of January marks 20 years of service for both Jon Smith and Lisa Redman. Both joined on the same day in 1995, and have been here ever since.
Lisa started as one of the administrators, sharing the role with another Lisa. She then stepped into the role on her own and helped streamline the TransXL front office, both in terms of paperwork systems and IT. Since returning from the birth of her third child, Lisa is now the Marketing Assistant and handles the day to day marketing activities. Updating the webpage, sending out the email blasts, and planning the trade shows.
Commenting on her 20 years at TransXL Lisa said “I can’t believe I joined here in 1995. It has been great fun working with the Jon, Jon, Tim, Steve, Michelle and the rest of the team.  It’s like the Hotel California at TransXL. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”
Jon Smith arrived at TransXL 3rd January 1995, fresh faced after a 3 month holiday in Greece. 3 days after joining he crashed his first company car , so his first purchase for TransXL was a Vauxhall Cavalier bonnet. 20 years on, a marriage and 2 children later, Jon was announced as Sales Director in 2011 and still brings the same enthusiasm to each day at TransXL. “ The company has evolved year on year. We are now a very different business, fully integrated into the online digital age. It has been a remarkable transformation, but the fundamentals remain the same. It’s still just as exciting finding great equipment, and building long term relationships with customers worldwide. That has never changed”
Jon Napper MD + owner adds “ The addition of Lisa and Jon, to our team 20 years ago, was the part of a consolidation and rebuilding process we were undergoing, not the least the average age of the employees dropped dramatically but, more significantly, it allowed the business to move in a new direction. Both have been innovative, loyal and hardworking and are deeply in the veins of TransXL’s DNA. They have brought to the business a great humour, enthusiasm and they are a pleasure to have on board. Jon has also stopped crashing cars – I hope!”