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04 February 2015

Sad News

 Sadly our good friend Don Peacock died on the 15/01/15. He was 87. Don was  lovely guy, a real gentleman and a great help, as a consultant, to TransXL in the nineties.

Don was an inventor with 30 patents to his name including a patent on an aeroplane driven by a converted Volkswagen engine and, most significantly for us, a COEXTRUSION patent registered in in 1950’s! 
Jon Napper MD comments ;-
‘ Don was one of those quiet highly intelligent boffins but with the ability to relate to nontechnical people, so a great teacher as well. Following his retirement as the R&D manager at Raychem Swindon in 1992, Don worked for TransXL as a consultant. Don and I became friends from the many deals and contacts I had with Raychem since the 1980s and I was eager to utilise his skills. He worked on technical issues and training within the business, as well as site visits to assist in commissioning at our clients factories all over the world. When I took over the business in 1992 my wife Sue and I wanted to retrain all our staff and increased our technical knowledge and ability. Don was a key component in this goal. Further, he was a first class interface with some of our clients and we fondly recall his 2 visits to Thailand to assist in the commissioning of a T rib sheet line that we had supplied – he was making on spec sheet within 2 days of start-up and became great friends with the Thais.
The one invention Don did not patent was the ‘Slowmo’ or’ Nogo’ – as we called it – at the TransXL Xmas parties. Elizabeth, Don’s wife, would dance so enthusiastically but mainly in a circle, as Don would be almost totally still and clearly out of his depth, causing considerable amusement to those watching on! We have so many great memories of our times with Don
My final thought in this tribute to Don is simply this- he was coextruding plastic in the year I was born and I am 60 – it’s an incredible achievement!’
Our thoughts are with Elizabeth, his widow, as Don will be sorely missed.