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Latest available used plastic processing equipment . These are the latest additions to our stock of extrusion, thermoforming and other machinery. These  also appear under their individual categories. Used Plastics Sheet machinery for thermo and vacuum-forming, embossed, leather grain.  Types include Battenfeld, Gloenco, Welex, OMV, Reifenhauser, EDI. Sheet roll stacks, dies winders, calenders. Used Thermoformers and printers for Vending cups, seed trays, clam pack lids, salad bowls, cups, pots, plant pots, yoghurt containers, margarine tubs, packaging products - Illig, Kiefel, TFT, Irwin. Used Plastic Extruders, Single screw, twin screw, 25-300mm, screen changers, melt pumps. Welex, Amut, Kaufman, Munchy, Werner Pfleiderer, Union, Kuhne, Egan, Dolci.
Pipes, window profile, uPVC frames, HDPE drainage pipes. Used Plastic pipe and profile extrusion machinery and equipment. Weber, Speedex, Betol, Krauss Maffei, Battenfeld Gloenco. Food wrap, stretch film, cling film, craft paper, multilayer medical films.  Used mono and coextrusion film lines, coaters. Granulate, crumb, chip, powders recycling of plastics. Used Rapid, Dreher, Blackfriars,USI Cumberland, Herbold granulators, shredders Conveying, feeding and metering polymers. Used hopper loaders, driers. Summit, Ktron, Colormax.
Pellet, Masterbatch, PVC compound, recycled pellets. Used pelletisers and pelltetising lines Berstorff, Munchy, Union, ESA Closures, caps, components. Used injection moulders, Boy, Netstall, Arburg. Blending of pellets and powders. Used high & low speed internal mixers, U trough blenders, Z blade.  Fielder, Caccia, Henschel. Tape, Fibre & Cable. Used extusion lines, extruders, godets, winders and equipment for plastic tape, wire and cable coating production.
LDPE bags, shopping bags, pallet wrap, refuse bags, flexoprinting, stack, CI. Used Blown film lines, Battenfeld Gloenco. PVC bottles, HDPE bottles, PET bottles. Used blow moulders. Used Laboratory Equipment, ovens, Instron tensile tester, Densitometer Heating/Cooling. Used pumps, heat exchangers chillers, temperature control units water and oil.  Tooltemp, ICS
Product Lines/Factories. Complete pre-used plastics proction lines and factories. Miscellaneous items including used chillers, oil heaters DC motors etc. Recent Sales.  Showing typical items recently sold. printers
Sheet dies, flex lip, removable lip, autoflex, static mixers, cavity transfer mixers, coextrusion blocks Twin screw extruders for pipe and profile production, generally contra rotating Hydraulic and manual screenchangers, autoscreens, gear pumps, static mixers, CTM Haul Offs & Saws for extruded pipe and profile
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